We have two ongoing Research Development (AR-GE) projects.

Recovery of hazardous wastes

Not only focused on producing pig iron and zinc oxide in related with recovery flue dust of Iron&Steel factories which have arc furnace, but also focused on producing pig iron and metalic zinc. The Waelz process which is nowadays used is not able to exceed producing zinc oxide. This process is not very efficient, opens road to congest flue and is not available for continous production system. The worth part is that it discharges the iron consentration which is in flue dust as slag waste.

R&D activity which is carried out in our company create the differances about final products and efficiency by using same wastes. Metalic zinc, pig ingot iron and clinker slags can be achived. Thereby profitability and retrace interval of investment are increased.

Our company which has decided to establish pilot plant due to favourable results of tests in laboratory plan to complete establishment of pilot plant in initial months of 2017.

Burning systems with pure oxygen and production of oxygen

Our R&D avtivities about burning systems with pure oxygen and production of oxygen that have wide range of industrial usage are about to complete. In order for commercialising, first of all, a pilot plant is going to be built, afterwards necessary works will be carried out.

When the pure oxygen used in burning systems, the amount of air in the process furnaces decrease, flow rate decreases and it provides low-cost because of smaller design furnaces according to common furnaces. This system also does not harbour damage and undesirable gasses. This system provides high temperature in the process with low-cost. Unfortunately, these types of tools are imported from abroad as oxi-burner. Commercial activity of this new system which is created completely by our company will be meaning more.

Up to 100% recycling
Energy saving with advanced engineering
New generation efficient production
High capacity production