Our company has been established in result of R&D activities between 2007 and 2015 years by Dr.Yılmaz KARAKAS who is our company’s founder and chairman of the body and his team mates. We restored to build a plant of Ferro Alyaj that we completed R&D avtivities. We completed building a plant as Compact Design on the way of industralizing in 2018.

Our mission

To achive a production which is high quality and equally low-cost by using high technology and optimized operation principles.

Our Vision

Our vision is working of current underground sources up into higher added value production, decreasing importation in our country and keeping on studying R&D activities oriented exportation. There is also our vision is carrying through efficient, sustainable and profitable operations.

Up to 100% recycling
Energy saving with advanced engineering
New generation efficient production
High capacity production